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Investing in Alzheimers. Bill Gates shares his thoughts on investing $50 million for a cure

“You have a nearly 50 percent chance of developing the disease if you live into your mid-80s. In the United States, it is the only cause of death in the top 10 without any meaningful treatments that becomes more prevalent each year. That trend will likely continue as baby boomers age, which means that more families will watch their loved ones suffer from cognitive decline and slowly disappear. Despite this growing burden, scientists have yet to figure out what exactly causes Alzheimer’s or how to stop the disease from destroying the brain.” Read More....

Smartlists for Patients: The Next Frontier for Engagement?

Checklists help us organize our lives and processes and represent an effective way to ensure that important things get done. Over a decade ago, one of us (P.J.P.) created a simple paper checklist that defined actionable tasks for central intravenous placement, resulting in a 70% decrease in the rate of deadly central line–associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) in the United States and several other countries. Since then, checklists have permeated medical practice and have been credited with making care safer by supporting clinician decision-making, clarifying therapies to avoid preventable harm, and augmenting communication among care teams. When coupled with efforts to support culture

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