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The State of Mobile Health

Physicians have caught on to the efficiencies of having all of your data on their mobile devices. Our clinicians have caught on that patients do better with their data on their phones- for all the same reasons!

"Three out of four Physicians Practice readers agree: mobile devices are a mainstay in today's medical practice.

No, this isn't some lame commercial pitch, but the reality of our readership's day-to-day operations based on the results of a new survey from Physicians Practice. In the 2018 Mobile Health Survey (187 total respondents), 75.9 percent say they use mobile health (mHealth) in their practice on a weekly basis.

As recently as two years ago, an AMA survey revealed doctors were excited about the prospect of using mHealth in daily practice, but a far smaller number were actually doing so. Make no mistake about it, restraint over using mHealth in day-to-day practice is still a prevalent feeling. The majority of practices using mHealth regularly are only doing so 0-5 hours per week, according to the 2018 Mobile Health Survey."


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