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the management team

We are proud of our team of talented, engineers, designers, clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals working to advance healthcare and the area of Digital Therapeutics.

Naveen Khan



Naveen Khan is a pioneer in the digital therapeutics field. She has been building innovative and effective solutions using technology throughout her career. Her education and experience spans law, healthcare, business and technology.

John Dzivak



John has designed and implemented healthcare technology systems and solutions for more than 20 years, from the ambulance through the ED, OR, anesthesia, critical & acute care out to outpatient and home. He has graduated to the most challenging care environment- the unsupervised patient. He is improving patient outcomes by extending the clinical order/result clinical business model and technology tools to the patient, and by converting them from paper to electronic, opening up a new world of data and insights.

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Joe Gravenstine
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Joe is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 30 years of success spanning construction, software, insurance, medical device manufacturing, accounting, entertainment, and restaurants. Leveraging extensive experience delivering strategic, financial analysis, Joseph's advisory experience includes economic analysis, business development, due diligence for loan processing with banks, or complex financial analysis and simulations.

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